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Personalised Content
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Personalised marketing has been shown to significantly boost engagement, but how do you do it effectively?

Say my name

Just as in everyday life you’d use a person’s name to attract their attention, so the same applies when it comes to email marketing. An eblast that addresses the receiver by name has shown to boost open rates by almost 30%, yet 70% of companies still don’t do this. Similarly, rather than having a generic email address as the sender, make sure the message comes from someone with an industry profile or an existing relationship with the target reader.

Big Data

To make personalisation truly effective you’ll need to get to know your customers and potential customers, and to do this you need to collect as much data as possible on them. Once you know the needs, habits and personas of the people you want to attract you can create targeted ads on Facebook or post targeted content on LinkedIn, for example.

To gather the data you need, you’ll have to reach out to your target market. This could involve anything from sending out a questionnaire to creating calls to action on your website designed to get key pieces of information.

Only deliver relevant content

Once you know what your target audience is looking for, it’s up to you to deliver it through content that is relevant; the more relevant the content, the more likely people are to engage with it. Data-driven marketing can ensure you tailor campaigns to people who need your services but to do this you must have access to data visualisation tools and know how to analyse them. It is also possible to use publicly available data, such as demographics, to target a particular area or implement a pay to click campaign which can help to identify key words which can then be fed back into your site for SEO. Analysing key targets’ social media activity can also provide large amounts of information on likes, dislikes and other social data.

Tailor your website

So, you’ve learnt what your customer wants, you’ve sent a targeted email highlighting you have exactly what they need and this drives the customer to your website. If the personal journey stops here you may well still not convert the visit into the desired action, whether that’s a purchase or time spent consuming and commenting on your content. With personalisation it is possible for different customers to see different messages and be guided through the site in a different way. For example, if an existing customer visits your site, messages may guide them to customer support rather than highlight the product they’ve already purchased or provide tailored offers based on their viewing or purchasing history.

Awe Creative can help you create a personalised customer journey contact [email protected] for more information.

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