9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Build A New Website

The basics – Building A Website 

Despite having the best of intentions, designers & creatives can have a tendency to concoct a masterpiece that doesn’t necessarily equate to a money-making project. Sure, when you are building a website, you need a brilliant concept, but don’t focus on this entirely – there is much more to setting up a website.

Yes, it may look visually stunning but, ultimately, the message may not support their philosophy, therefore your client may not pay for your services. The key is to create an inbound marketing content strategy AROUND the foundation of your idea. 

There’s nothing more disappointing than having a creation that you slaved over trampled on by a stampede of criticism, especially when it is relatively easy to avoid this. You want to avoid the classic: “yeah this is great, but” line. Let’s eliminate the ‘but’ & combine fun with functionality! 

Before you can find out how to make a good website, you need to establish how you can hit your customers’ sweet spot by answering these questions.