Influencing Search Performance Through Content Marketing Opportunities

Content marketing is a key element of any marketing strategy and, if done correctly, can have a major influence on search performance.

Content marketing can take a number of forms, such as blogs, videos, social media posts and brochures. Crucially its intention is to educate and guide readers, rather than to explicitly promote a product or service.

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5 website fails your business is making

Your corporate website is often the first touchpoint a customer or potential customer will have with your brand so it’s important to get it right. However, with most corporate sites having been around in one form or another for decades, a refresh is often seen as a quick task that simply updates branding and content rather than an opportunity to truly deliver what your audience wants. With this kind of approach it is easy to overlook design issues and approaches that could make the user journey much more intuitive, engaging and in turn deliver better results.

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