Five easy ways to enhance the appeal of your content using visual tools


While spending hours carefully crafting copy ready to be published is common, the importance of the visual element of content can at best be an afterthought and at worst completely overlooked. In our latest blog we offer five simple ways to enhance the visual appeal of your content.

  1. When writing your blog post or feature, have in mind any infographics of images that would illustrate the piece well. When you send the piece to your designer for layout include a list of suggestions for illustrations rather than just hoping they’ll work their magic and come up with something relevant. If you consider the visual elements of creating a piece from an early stage the final result will be more rounded as well as more eye catching.
  2. If you don’t have access to a designer there are a number of easy wins when it comes to sourcing visual content. Embedding tweets is a great way to add visual interest while supporting your argument or highlighting interaction with your content. Either hit on Embed Tweet, grab the code and paste it into your piece or simply take a screenshot, whichever works best for you.

  3. Graphic pullout quotes or highlighting key statistics also creates a visual to grab the eye and draw in readers. Some CMS systems enable you to create these in the back end with varying sizes, colours and positions easily available. For more design-led options, PowerPoint or InDesign can be used to create the desired look to be uploaded to your site.

    “Graphic pullout quotes or highlighting key statistics also creates a visual to grab the eye and draw in readers”

  4. The time and cost often associated with creating video content can be off putting to many people, but as its popularity continues to grow it’s a great way of reaching a new audience and strengthening ties with your current one. Videos don’t have to be long and detailed. A brief introduction to a new product, a short interview with a key member of staff or a how to covering a specific topic of interest will all drive traffic to your site. And with video editing tools now readily available it’s easier than ever to create engaging content.
  5. It’s worth remembering that it’s not just new posts that will benefit from this attention. Updating old copy with striking images will give it a new lease of life and provides a good excuse for promoting it across social channels once again.

For more advice or help creating striking visual campaigns contact Jo Ruddock [email protected]

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