Pikbox Whitev3

New SAAS product

PikBox is a brand new company that offers a way to take complex problems with multiple outcomes and offers simple, step-by-step processes to help customers make decisions. As a new concept, and one that can potentially support complicated, detailed and technical business processes, it was essential that the branding and website were clear, easy to navigate and really showcased what’s possible with PikBox.



July 2020 – ongoing


This WordPress website needed to accurately explain PikBox and the business impact it could have. To achieve this, we went with a relatively simple design that focus on imagery and demos to truly engage the viewer. Slideshows highlight key aspects of the tool while the demos page showcase real world examples along with potential use cases, all designed to inspire the viewer. The Bootstrap framework allows the end user to log in and easily create new configurations, while calls to action encourage sign ups and demos all of which help customers on their road to conversion.

  • Complex ideas made simple
  • Calls to action integrated throughout
  • Consistent design and branding

Fully Responsive

All our website are responsive, working across mobile, tablets, laptops and desktop.

Awe offered us some great advice

“With such a complex offering, we were unsure where to start with the website offering but Awe offered us some great advice and ideas, and supported us on our journey to launch. We would certainly be happy to use them in the future.”


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