The benefits of outsourcing your marketing services


Marketing is an all-encompassing term that covers the many and varied elements involved in promoting your product or services. From digital marketing such as emails, websites and social media to market research, advertising and content, done properly marketing is an essential business tool that can have a major impact on your bottom line.

In many cases, however, marketing can be an afterthought or carried out ad hoc as an extra task by multiple team members. With that in mind, there can be great value in outsourcing your marketing to a full-service marketing services provider.

Gain the right expertise, when you need it

Employing a full-time marketing team can be costly and, depending on the business, that team may not be fully utilised at all times. Employing the right marketing agency gives you the flexibility to use only the resource you need at the times you need it. Not only that, but when working with an agency you will be able to define key KPIs to ensure your objectives continue to be met in the longer term. Your agency will work hard to ensure these objectives are met as this will prove that they are working effectively and offering a good ROI.

Consistent, efficient service

A marketing agency will also be skilled in providing a service that is consistent with your brand while offering a more efficient way to embark on any new marketing strategy. By choosing a marketing services provider with a proven track record you will benefit from a team that is skilled in a variety of marketing techniques without having to spend time and money training an in-house employee. In addition, instead of having to maintain a team year-round, an agency will have people on hand to step in during particularly busy times of the year, such as product launches and events. By scaling up and down as needed you can guarantee you have the available resource without having to significantly increase your financial outlay.

Get more from your existing employees

In smaller companies in particular, it’s not uncommon for marketing to be an add-on to an existing job. Maybe your content team puts together adverts, or your IT team lead digital marketing services? Rather than operating in this ad-hoc manner, an external marketing agency will have personnel skilled in each area of marketing, ensuring you get the best possible person for each element of the job. In addition to this, agencies will invest in the right tools to ensure each task can be completed effectively and efficiently, and at no extra cost to the client, again saving you time and money. This leaves your core team free to focus on the tasks that are important to them, upping their productivity as they are no longer being sidetracked.

Gain new perspectives

An often-overlooked benefit of bringing in an external agency is the new ideas and perspectives this can bring. Marketing agencies are continuously tasked with thinking of new, innovative and attention-grabbing activities to promote brands. This vast experience means they will often have tried something an internal team hasn’t – and they’ll be able to advise on the benefits and potential pitfalls from their real-world experience. By not being a full-time part of the office, they are able to maintain an independent perspective and advise purely based on what they think will work best for a specific organisation.

A long-term solution

The world of marketing is continuously evolving, whether that’s new social channels, legislative changes or innovative tools. A dedicated marketing agency will not only keep abreast of developments, it will be at the forefront of new tools and techniques that could benefit your business.

To find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your marketing services and the value it can add to your business, contact [email protected].

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